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Garage Series  for IT Pros (every Wednesday)

So, my good friend Jeremy Chapman has a new video series targeting IT Pros where he and Yoni Kirsh will explain everything you've ever wanted to know about the new Office... from an IT Pro perspective!  Each episode promises to be very informative and entertaining, at the same time!



Managing Office in Virtualized Environments 

This week, our adventurous hosts tackle one of the most requested topics, managing Office in virtualized environments from the entire desktop to hosting the application on Remote Desktop Server with Office 365. They explain virtualization options, licensing...



Automating User Provisioning in Office 365 

This week our hosts address one of the most visible changes to the new Office desktop apps - sign in experience for the service. Jeremy and Yoni draw out the identity architecture on the PPI to show the main options. Then they demonstrate how to get users...



Anatomy of Office Software Updates in Click-to-Run 

This week adventurous hosts go deeper on how software updates really work for the new Office. They attempt to demystify what’s different compared to the Office Professional Plus 2013 MSI install and explain the optimized update service for the Office...



Click-to-Run Customization and Deployment Deep Dive Part 3 

Integration & Automation with Software Distribution Tools

We take the concepts from installing and configuring Office Click-to-Run in the first two parts and integrate those with software distribution tools like System Center Configuration Manager, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Windows Intune. They demonstrate the specific commands used with standalone software installation or part of the Windows imaging process and Jeremy tests whether he can stream Office to his car PC while WiFi-tethered with his phone before he crosses Seattle's famous floating bridge on Interstate 520.




Click-to-Run Customization and Deployment Deep Dive Part 2

We explore specific differences between the Office Professional Plus 2013 MSI and Office 365 ProPlus Click-to-Run install and potential workarounds for your Office configuration. They cover topics from removing and blocking applications from the Office suite, using multiple languages and disabling first run to changing update properties. And hear from lead Office set-up engineer, Paul Barr.




Click-to-Run Customization and Deployment Deep Dive Part 1 of 3

We kick off a three-part series deep dive on customizing and deploying Office Click-to-Run packages. The first part of the series describes how the Office Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run is used to download, install, uninstall and convert Office packages for use with Application Virtualization. Yoni also takes to the air and attempts an Office 365 ProPlus install - without Internet access - while performing outrageously high-G Aerobatics. 




Did deployment just get faster?

We explore the change in guard of compatibility tools; race Click-to-Run Office installs using MDT, SCCM, and Windows Intune versus the MSI and catch up with Office engineer, John Hoegger, on the end-to-end aspects of deployment. They demonstrate compatibility tools and automated software distribution and discuss the Office roll-out inside Microsoft, to answer whether or not deployment just got faster.



Identtity, Activation and Data Access with User-Based Office

We answer your questions about a user-based Office service, how identity and services are provisioned, where data and passwords are stored and what the user experiences look like. They also catch up with cybersecurity expert and author, Mark Russinovich, to discuss the cloud security model.





Client Configuration Management 101

 Watch as we begin to tackle the frequently asked question, "Do I get more control if I use the traditional Office installation?" They look at automation support and install-time controls, configuration management via Group Policy and new Office Telemetry tools with a special visit from the lead Office Telemetry engineer, Chris Yu.




The new Office: Who moved my MSI?

Learn the differences between Windows Installer Package (MSI) and Click-to-Run package types, how to download Click-to-Run builds for use with software distribution tools, when its necessary to provision user accounts in Office 365 and Yoni tests whether Office 365 ProPlus can be installed before our skydiver, Fully Sik, hits the ground



The new Office: What are your options, what's changed and what's new?

Learn the differences between the Click-to-Run and MSI-based Office versions, the new IT Pro capabilities, and the premise of the new Office including a demo of user based multi-device support.